SOMA  means ‘body’ in Latin, Greek & Sanskrit.

Soma Studio and its instructors are dedicated to create a community and a peaceful place for like-minded people to connect through inspired classes, designed to challenge, transform and empower. It is a space of healing the emotional body and mind, through relaxation, Reiki, meditation, essential oils and a place of acceptance, community and friendship.


The physical body is challenged & stretched while building strength & flexibility, fostering a nurturing environment and a way for the body to open and create more space, physically and mentally.


We believe in balance in all aspects of the word; balancing all areas of life and ensuring we are taking care of ourselves, our well being and health so that we can be balanced and strong – on and off the mat. Soma Studio and its instructors provide a somatic and holistic approach to wellness and fitness while focusing on stress relief and returning back to a sacred sOMa, which is our hOMe. We honor our sOMa. We connect to ourselves, the community, our breath, so that we can go out into the world and be the best version of ourselves. That is our ‘why’. Yoga, wellness & fitness, fuel our souls and inspire us to provide the best possible experience to you every time you walk into our studio and on to your mat.

Soma Studio welcomes our littlest yogis, providing them with the tools of yoga and meditation is a lifelong investment and gift of mindfulness and calm, which helps our children with their concentration and awareness of their bodies and emotions. We offer them a safe space to explore and have fun!