welcome to Trapeze Yoga

The Yoga Trapeze focuses on strength, flexibility, balance and traction .

It combines suspension training with inversion therapy.  This class will introduce the Yoga Trapeze from a FUNdamentals standpoint.  We will work up to inverting (going upside down) safely with the support of the hammock and handles (rig) as well as practicing more familiar yoga poses with use of the full 'rig.' You will be surprised at how accessible the class is!  

It is skillfully taught for everyone and every body. Variations and modifications will be offered to make you feel comfortably safe and empowered.  To end the class, guided meditation in “Shavasana Coccon" will be welcomed with open arms like a strong hug from an old friend. 


Soma Studio

103 E Wilson St. 2nd Floor

Batavia, IL 60510

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